Closed-loop sets, also known as closed-loop systems, are a special type of stepper motor system that provide precise control and accurate positioning. Unlike traditional open-loop systems, where the stepper motor is driven and the system assumes that the motor has reached the exact position desired, a closed-loop system uses a feedback system to monitor and correct the actual position of the motor.

A typical closed-loop set consists of a stepper motor, an encoder and a controller. The encoder measures the actual position of the motor and sends this information to the controller. The controller then compares the actual position to the desired position and corrects the motor accordingly to achieve accurate positioning. Closed-loop sets offer a number of advantages over traditional open-loop systems. First, they allow for greater precision and accuracy because they can measure and correct the actual position of the motor. In addition, they can improve motor performance and efficiency by providing more precise control of the motor, which can reduce power consumption.

Closed-loop sets are used in a wide range of applications, particularly in industrial automation, medical technology, robotics and aerospace.

NEMA 23 motor


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