Ramps 1.4 Set

Ramps 1.4 Set

Ramps 1.4 Set

With this set you lay the foundation for the installation of your own 3D printer on the basis of Arduino.

Not only the required stepper motor output stages are included, but also the board offers connections for up to 3 heating units (pressure bed heating, extruder 1, extruder 2) with each 3 possible inputs for connecting the required temperature sensors.
In addition, fans for component and extruder cooling can also be connected.

With the fitting installed software on the Arduino Mega, it can show you the current status or rather information like temperature on the included LCD-display.




Ramps 1.4, Display, A4988 Motordriver

Special features

Connections for up to 5 Stepper motors (X, Y, Z, 2x Extruder); 3 MOSFET‘s for Extuder-Heating; 6 Connections for EndStop-Switch or optical EndStops; Connections for up to 3 temperature sensors; Connections for HotEnd, component cooling fan and heating bed; 5A Fuse for general circuit; separate 11A Fuse for heat-bed-circuit; Status LEDs

Compatible to

Arduino Mega


90 x 85 mm


228 g

Items Shipped

Ramps 1.4, 20x4 Display, 5x A4988 Motordriver, 2x cables for LCD incl. adapter PCB



Article No.


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