KY-053 Analog-Digital Converter

KY-053 Analog-Digital Converter

Unlike the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi neither have analog inputs nor an ADC (analog to digital converter) integrated in the chip. This restricts the usage of the Raspberry Pi, if you want to use sensors by which the values cannot be output digitally. You can solve this problem with this analog digital converter.

This module has four 16 bit precise ADC channels, which you can use with the Raspberry Pi to expand it with four analog inputs. It will be connected via I2C to the Raspberry Pi and takes over the analog measurement and passes the value to the Raspberry Pi digitally.

Furthermore, this converter is suitable for use with microcontrollers, if the resolution or the number of the ADC Channels of the microcontroller is not high enough.




Analog Digital Converter ADS1115



ADC channels


Resolution per channel

16 Bit

Programmable sampling rate

8 - 860 SPS

Operating Voltage

2 - 5.5 V

Analog input voltage

0 V - operating voltage

I²C logic voltage

0 V - 5.5 V

I²C address (configurable via jumper)

0x48 - 0x4B

Typical operating current

150 μA


18 x 28 mm


1 g

Items shipped

ADS1115 on module



Article No.


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