The VAX-1030 multifunction meter can measure voltage, current, work, power, temperature, real-time capacity and charge and discharge times in DC circuits.

The display can be connected to the measuring module with a micro-USB cable or via a wireless radio connection.

A total of 26 communication channels enable several instruments to communicate with the measuring instrument simultaneously.

The integrated relay provides overvoltage and undervoltage protection as well as overcurrent protection. In addition, the circuit can be interrupted manually.



Voltage range

0 - 100 V

Voltage resolution

0.01 V

Voltage accuracy

± 2% - 3 Digit

Current range

1 - 30 A

Current resolution

0.01 A

Current accuracy

± 5% - 10 Digit

Power range

0 - 200 kW

Power resolution

0.001 W

Working measuring range

0 - 4000 kWh

Working measuring resolution

0.001 Wh

Load display resolution

0 - 2000 kAh

Load display resolution

0.001 Ah

Temperature range

-20 - 120°C

Time range

0 - 99 days

Time resolution

1 seconds

Negative overcurrent protection

0 - -30 A

Positive overcurrent protection

0 - 30 A

Overvoltage protection (OVP)

0 - 100 V

Undervoltage protection (LVP)

0 - 100 V

Protection delay time

0 - 10 seconds



Communication channels

A - Z (26 channels)

Address range

01 - 99

Communication range

Up to 10m

Power (Display)

5 per seconds

Power (Display)

0.5 W

Power (Module)

0.4 W

Additional features

charge timing,discharge timing, temperature measures, Wireless display

Dimensions (Display)

1.8“ - 98 x 54 x 20.8 mm

Dimensions (Module)

113.2 x 57.2 x 48.8 mm


315 g

Items Shipped

Display, Measuring module ,Micro-USB-Cable, Temperature sensor



Article No.




Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate the key lock?

You must hold down the [OK] key to activate the key lock.

If the display unit is not connected, is it still working?

The display unit is there for display only. The function is still given.

Is the radio off when the usb-cable is connected?

There is an automatic detection. If a cable connection comes in, the radio is switched off.

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