Electronic Adventure

Electronic Adventure

Come along on an exciting journey into the world of microcontrollers and experience many fascinating adventures!
How does a microcontroller work? How do I program it? What can I do with it? Everything you need is in this "travel suitcase"! In consecutive lessons you will learn how to realize exciting experiments based on the BBC micro:bit.

Among other things you will learn:

  • create a program code
  • build a pedometer
  • play music according to notes
  • build an alarm siren with amplifier
  • build a traffic light with LED control
  • build a speed measuring station (Who has the fastest toy car?)
  • and many more...

All this becomes an exciting journey into the world of BBC micro:bit and electronics by means of simple programming in a modular system based on "Open Roberta"!

The set includes an approx. 80-page "travel booklet" for the explorers, in which every single project is explained in detail in a youth-friendly and exciting way. This makes it really fun to learn programming and to tinker at the same time.
The accompanying booklet for teachers and parents explains further background information, gives tips for carrying out the project and offers suggestions for further experiments.



Age group

from 8 years

School class

from the 2nd grade


BBC micro:bit



Power supply

battery-powered, rechargeable battery-powered, via USB

Storage type


Memory capacity

256 kB

Clock frequency

16 MHz

RAM capacity

16 kB

Items shipped

Instruction book, accompanying booklet, experiment setup, USB cable, copper tape, aluminum foil, crocodile clips, piezo buzzer, resistors, colored LEDs, batteries, rubber band, photodiode, RGB LED, BBC micro:bit



Article No.


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