Our DSO-LCR500 combines the advantages of a digital oscilloscope and a multifunctional component tester in a compact and high-quality case. With the help of the digital oscilloscope, ambitious tinkerers can evaluate time-dependent signals without having to resort to expensive measurement technology.

The multifunctional component tester also allows fast and automatic detection of components. Furthermore, our DSO-LCR500 has additional helpful functions such as a signal generator, an infrared signal decoder and measurement of Zener diodes, DS18B20 sensors and DHT11 sensors.

The device is equipped with a 1500 mAh rechargeable battery, which can be conveniently charged via USB-C. The integrated, fold-out stand additionally eases the operation.



Digital oscilloscope,
component tester,
continuity tester,
signal generator,
measurement of Zener diodes,
measurement of DS18B20 sensors
Measurements of DHT11 sensors,
Infrared decoder

Stand function

Integrated 90° foldable stand


1500 mAh lithium battery, rechargeable via USB-C


2,4“ TFT color display, LED-backlight, 320x240 pixel

Available languages

English, German

Sampling rate

10 MS/s

Analog bandwidth

0 - 500 kHz

Input resistance

1 MΩ



Test voltage range

1:1: 80Vpp (- 40 V - 40 V)
10:1: 800Vpp (- 400 V - 400 V)

Vertical sensitivity

10 mV/Div - 10 V/Div

Horizontal time base

10 μs - 10s

Trigger modes

Automatic, normal, single

Trigger types

Falling edge, rising edge

Triode-Measurements (hFE > 10, hFE < 600)

Amplification (hFE), base-emitter-voltage (Ube), collector-emitter reverse
cut-off current (Iceo, Ices), protection diode forward, voltage drop (Uf)

Diode-Measurements (Forward voltage drop < 5 V)

Forward voltage drop, junction capacitance, reverse leakage current

Zener-Diode-Measurements (1-2-3 testing range: 0,01 - 4,5 V, K-A-A testing range: 0,01 - 24 V)

1-2-3: Forward voltage drop, reverse breakdown voltage, K-A-A: reverse breakdown voltage

Field effect transistor measurements (JFET, IGBT, MOSFET)

JFET: Gate capacitance(Cg), drain current (Id at Vgs), protection diode forward
voltage drop (Uf)
IGBT: drain current (Id at Vgs), protection diode forward voltage drop (Uf)
MOSFET: turn-on voltage (Vt), gate capacitance (Cg), drain-source resistance (Rds), protection diode forward voltage drop (Uf)

Silicon controlled rectifier & triac measurements (Turn on voltage < 5 V, Gate trigger current < 6 mA)

Gate voltage

Capacitor measurements (25 pF - 100 mF)

Capacity, loss factor (Vloss)

Resistor measurements (0,01 Ω - 50 MΩ)


Inductor measurements (10 uH - 1000 uH)

Inductance value, DC resistance

Battery measurements (0,01 - 4,5 V)

Voltage value, positive & negative polarity

Input voltage measurements (0 - 16 V)

Voltage value

Signal generator (Sine wave)

1 - 100 kHz, 0 - 3,3 V, 50%

Signal generator (Square wave)

1 - 100 kHz, 3,3 V, 50%

Signal generator (Pulse wave)

1 - 100 kHz, 3,3 V, 0 - 100%

Signal generator (Triangle wave)

1 - 100 kHz, 0 - 3,3 V, 50%

Signal generator (Ramp wave)

1 - 100 kHz, 0 - 3,3 V, 0 - 100%

Signal generator (DC)

0 - 3,3 V

DS18B20 measurements


DHT11 measurements

Temperature & humidity

Infrared decoding (NEC protocoll)

Display user & data code, display infrared waveform

Testing functions

Continuity test, Voltages up to 40 V

Additional information


85 x 103 x 30mm

Items shipped

JT-DSO-LCR500, user guide, USB-C cable, 3x test clip, 3x SMD test probes, probe, crocodile clip cable, BNC adapter



Article No.


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