Line01 Wall Scanner & Multi-Detector

Line01 Wall Scanner & Multi-Detector

Line01 Wall Scanner & Multi-Detector

With our wall scanner [&] multi-detector you can easily and safely detect structures in drywall, walls, wall surfaces or floors.

Thanks to the innovative sensor technology, the device can locate not only live wires, but also metals and wooden substructures with pinpoint accuracy.

With its three modes, it is versatile and offers a maximum detection depth of up to 120 mm. The clear display shows exactly what is behind the wall, while the three-color LED illuminated ring provides additional visual feedback.

A circular case opening makes it easy to mark the exact location of the find, and for optimal handling, the device is supplied with a practical protective case.



Special functions

Detection of metal, wood and live wires, Three-color LED illuminated ring, Acoustic warning signal, Straightforward display, Circular case opening for easy marking

Maximum detection depth

Ferrous metals: 120 mm Non ferrous metals (copper): 100 mm Live wires (230 V): 50 mm Single strand copper wire: 40 mm Wood: 20 mm (precision mode) or 38 mm (depth mode)

Automatic shutdown

After about 5 minutes

Battery specifications

3,7 V - 300 mAh, LI-ION

Operating time

about 2 h

Battery charging option


Operating temperature

-10 °C - 50 °C

Storing temperature

- 20 °C - 70 °C


138 x 68 x 22 mm

Items Shipped

Multi-detector, protective bag, USB-C cable



Article No.




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