Programmable laboratory power supply

Programmable laboratory power supply

Programmable laboratory power supply

The laboratory power supply can provide up to 60 V and 24 A in conjunction with a powerful DC power source. The power supply unit has a keypad, which makes operation very convenient and provides access to 9 memory locations, a USB interface via which the device can be conveniently operated from a PC via software and a charging function for batteries.

Furthermore, the device has various protection and limiting functions such as constant voltage operation, constant current operation, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and replaceable fuses on the circuit board (back of the power supply).



Special features

Battery charging function, Value input conveniently via keypad, Adjustable overcurrent & overvoltage protection Integrated RTC, NTC temperature sensor

Input voltage

6 - 70 V

Output voltage

0 - 60 V

Output current

0 - 24 A

Output power

0 - 1440 W

Voltage resolution

0,01 V

Current resolution

0,01 A

Energy measuring range

0 - 9999,99 Ah 0 - 9999,99 Wh

Residual ripple

150 mV Vpp (max. utilization)


2,4" (6,096 cm) LCD

Working temperature

-10 - 40 °C


SMD, fast acting, ceramic 30 A

ø Banana plug

4 mm

RTC battery

CR1220 (not included)



Items Shipped

JT-PS1440, NTC-Sensor



Article No.


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