Prototype breakout board V2

This breakout board makes all contacts of the Micro:Bit easily accessible as a pin socket. In addition, it has a regulated power supply, which makes it possible to operate the breakout board with 5-9 V. With the supplied breadboard this breakout board for Micro:Bit is especially well suited to build test or experiment circuits on it. On the freely wireable solder breadboard in the lower half of the board components or whole projects can be soldered for longer use.



Veroboard as breakout board for Micro:Bit

Special features

all pins of the Micro:Bit are available as pin socket, power indicator LED, breadboard with 400 contacts

Application areas

Micro:Bit test and experiment circuits

Compatible with


Voltage supply

5 - 9 Volt

Output voltage

3.3 Volt

Additional information


85 x 105 x 10 mm

Items shipped

Breakout board with breadboard



Article No.


Recommended products


with a different number of pins and in different lengths


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