Pico Reset Button

Pico Reset Button

Pico Reset Button

The Pico Reset Button offers a direct and user-friendly solution for restarting your Raspberry Pi Pico. With our Reset Button, you no longer need to disconnect your Raspberry Pi Pico from the power source to perform a reboot.

Instead, the button enables a quick reboot with just a simple push of a button. Its compact size and easy installation by soldering on just three points make it a practical tool.

The Reset Button is compatible with both the Raspberry Pi Pico and the newer Raspberry Pi Pico W and can be used regardless of the model generation. Especially for hobbyists and developers, our Pico Reset Button is a useful addition and enables even easier and more efficient handling of the Raspberry Pi Pico.




Ultra compact reset button, Allows restarting with just a simple push of a button, Reliable and permanent connection through soldering


Soldering on the pins GND, GP22 & RUN

Compatible to

Raspberry Pi Pico, Raspberry Pi Pico W


9 x 7 x 4 mm



Article No.


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