Load Cell (5 Kg)

With this load cell including amplifier board you can build your own scale in combination with a microcontroller or single board computer. On the amplifier board is a HX711 24 bit A/D converter to convert the analog signal of the load cell into a weight with high accuracy. There are a lot of application examples online for this converter due to its high popularity.


Special feature

Integrated 24 bit A/D-converter

Measuring range

Up to 5 Kg

Load cell accuracy

±0,02% F.S

Supply voltage

2,6 V ~ 5,25 V

Current consumption

< 1,5 mA


Serial; 2-Wire

Cable length

ca. 25cm

Dimensions PCB

34,2 x 20 x 3 mm

Dimensions load cell

75 x 15 x 14,2 mm

Additional information


33,5 g

Items shipped

Load cell, amplifier board, pin header (4 pins)



Article No.


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