KY-024 Linear magnetic hall sensor

A magentic field will be measured by the sensor based on an 49E hall sensor, and displayed as an analog voltage rating aswell as digital signal when a certain threshold is reached. The sensitivity of the sensor can be regulated with a potentiometer. With individualized codes, the sensor will able to be used on other devices. This module can either be solidly soldered or be used on a breadboard. In addition, an LED on the module lights up when the threshold value is reached.



Linear magnetic hall sensor


The magnetic field is measured by the sensor and transmitted as an analog voltage value whereby the sensitivity of the sensor can be controlled via potentiometer


LM393 & 49E

Digital output

If a magnetic field is detected, a signal is given here

Analog output

Direct measured value of the sensor unit

Operating voltage

3V - 5 V

Logic level

3.3 V / 5V

Compatible with

Arduino, Raspberry Pi (mwth ADC), etc.

Special features

Analog and digital signal output, potentiometer to adjust the digital output

Additional information


45 x 15 x 14 mm


1 g

Items shipped

Linear magnetic hall sensor



Article No.


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