KY-032 Infrared proximity Sensor

KY-032 Infrared proximity Sensor

KY-032 Infrared proximity Sensor

The KY032IR sensor is an infrared proximity sensor. It detects an obstacle with the help of the transmitter (infrared light) and receiver (photodiode) by reflection of the surface. The determined value 0/1 ( true/false ) is sent as a digital signal to the microcontroller.

With the help of the potentiometers the strength of the transmitter and the sensitivity of the receiver can be adjusted. The distance for triggering the sensor can be adjusted by the settings made.

Additionally the sensor has a PIN "Enable" and a jumper "EN". The jumper is plugged in as standard, which means that permanent obstacle detection is executed. To deactivate permanent obstacle detection, the jumper must be removed and the PIN "Enable" for the control signal connected. [nbsp]

The sensor is suitable for controlling autonomous robots.




Obstacle sensor


detects obstacles by means of infrared (0/1 signal output when exceeding the limited value)

Detection distance

2 - 20 cm

Special feature

Can be switched on and off via a controller using a separate pin (Enable-Pin)

Supply voltage

3 - 5 V

Current consumption

at 3 V: approx.10 mA at 5 V. approx. 6 mA

Detection angle

35 °

Operating temperature

-10 - 50 °C


41 x 17 x 11 mm

Items Shipped

Sensor SEN-KY032IR



Article No.


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