SensorKit X40

This comprehensive complete set was developed with great attention to detail to develop your own projects with the most popular open source platforms and to dive into the world of programming. For each of the carefully selected components you have not only a comprehensive documentation that explains the functionality, but also immediately usable programming codes available.

This makes it ideal for school or vocational training purposes, as practically no programming knowledge is required.

If you use a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or BBC micro:bit, you can start immediately. The required codes are available for all 3 systems. On the own support homepage you will find tips and support in German, English or French. So you have the possibility to check your heartbeat or to measure the room temperature and humidity in your environment in very short time.

You can either solder the sensors or put them on a breadboard to work on different circuits or experiments.



GPIO, I2C, 3-pin male socket, 4-pin male socket

Compatible with

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BBC micro:bit

Items shipped

Temperature Sensor, Magnetic Field Sensor, Infrared Transmitter, 5mm 2 Color LED, Photo Resistor, Tilt Switch, Infrared Receiver, Linear Magnetic Hall Sensor, Bihor Magnet Sensor, Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, Pressure & Temperature Sensor, Analog-Digital Converter, RGB LED SMD module, Button module, Passive Piezo-Buzzer module, Active Piezo-Buzzer Module, Shock-switch module, Light barrier module, Combination sensor, Temperature + Moisture sensor, RGB 5mm LED module, Photo conductive cell module, 5V-relais module, Mini magnet reed module, Joystick module (XY-axis), Reed Module, Flame sensor module, Magic light cup module, Temperature sensor module (thermistor), 3mm 2-color (red+green)-LED module, Knock sensor module, Obstacle-detection module, Tracking-sensor module, 7-colors-LED-module, Metal-Touchsensor module, Microphone sensor module (high sensitivity), Heartbeat sensor module, Coded rotary switch (rotary encoder), Voltage translator/ level shifter, Ultrasonic distance sensor

Additional information


192 g



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