Alcohol sensor

Alcohol sensor

Alcohol sensor

This analog gas alcohol sensor on basis of hydrogen concentration has a small heating part with an electronical chemical sensor. It is suitable for indoor usage. The sensor can output exact values only after warmup phase.

Caution: sensor gets hot while usage!



Measurement range

100 - 1000 ppm

Measureable substances

Ethan, Alcohol over the concentration of hydrogen

Application areas

F.i. breath alcohol tester, robotic, microcontroller projects

Compatible with

Raspberry Pi (with AD-converter), Arduino. etc.

Special features

High sensitivity which can be adjusted by potentiometer, quick reaction time, low sensivity to benzine

Analog Output

Values are processed by the microcontroller

Digital Output

thresholds can be set


VCC: Voltage supply 5V, GND: Ground, AOUT: Analog Output, DOUT: Digital Output

Response time

≤ 1 s

Pick time after power on

≤ 30 s

Heating current

≤ 150 mA

Heating voltage

5 ±0.2 V / 1,5 ±0.1 V

Heating energy power

750 mW


32 x 21 x 20 mm

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