Gas sensor

This analog gas sensor has a small heating part with an electronical chemical sensor. It is suitable for indoor usage. The sensor can output exact values only after warmup phase.

Caution: sensor gets hot while usage!


Measurement range

300 - 10000 ppm

Measureable substances

Compressed natural gas (CNG), methane (CH4)

Application areas

Detecting gas leaks, gas alarm, robotic, microcontroller projects

Compatible with

Raspberry Pi (with AD-converter), Arduino. etc.

Special features

High sensitivity which can be adjusted by potentiometer, quick reaction time

Analog Output

Values are processed by the microcontroller

Digital Output

thresholds can be set


VCC: Voltage supply 5V, GND: Ground, AOUT: Analog Output, DOUT: Digital Output

Response time

≤ 10 s

Recovery time

≤ 30 s

Heating current

≤ 180 mA

Heating resistance and power

31 ± 3Ω; ≤900 mW

Working temperature

-20 - 55 ° C

Additional information


52 x 20 x 18 mm


8 g

Items shipped




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