Pressure sensor up to 20 Kg

Pressure sensor up to 20 Kg

Pressure sensor up to 20 Kg

This pressure sensor works by means of analog resistance detection, when external pressure is applied to the sensor, the resistance and thus the voltage of the analog signal changes. The sensor is highly sensitive, flexible and the sensor strip is waterproof.



Measurement range

0 - 20 kilograms

Thickness of thin-film strip

< 0,25 mm

Compatible with

Raspberry Pi( with AD-converter ), Arduino, et

Special features

High sensitivity and flexibility, water-proof sensor strip, no electrostatic discharge or magnetic interference

Output of measurement

Analog voltage value

Response point of weight

300 g - 350 g


± 2,5%

Response time

< 1 ms

Recovery time

< 15 ms


+: Power Supply 3.3-5V I: Ground S: Analog Output

Operating temperature

-20 - 60 ° C


Approx. 1,000,000 measurements


75 x 20 x 9 mm

Items Shipped


Article No.


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