5 MP Infrared camera

The Raspberry Pi NoIR camera module is an add-on for the Raspberry Pi. This module is perfectly suitable for taking infrared picture because it does not have installed a "IR-Cut-filter".

The dedicated CSI interface which is specially developed for the connection with cameras, can be used with this camera. The CSI bus is capable of processing a huge amount of data rates.

The module is with its 25 x 20 x 9 mm very compact. Through its low weight it is perfect for mobile or other applications whereby the size and the weight are important.

It is also connected with the Raspberry via a ribbon cable (a standard cable which is in the scope of delivery, is separately obtainable in different lengths).

The sensor itself has a resolution of 5 Megapixel and has installed a focus lens. The camera can take still images with a resolution of up to 2592 x 1944 Pixels. Moreover, it has different modes for video recordings.



Infrared camera for Raspberry Pi


Digital video connection

video resolution

1920 x 1080 Pixel (Full HD)

Modi for videos

1080p at 30 frames/sec., 720p at 60 frames/sec., 640 x 480 at 90 frames/sec.

Max. frame rate

30 fps

Photo resolution

2592 x 1944 Pixel


5 Megapixel

Additional information


25 x 9 x 24 mm


3 g

Items shipped

Camera, ribbon cable



Article No.


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