The Joy-Pi is an experimental case based on the Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4B and is ideal for the entry into electrical engineering and programming.[nbsp] The sophisticated case system offers a perfect all-in-one environment and puts an end to many fiddly small parts solutions and cable chaos on the worktable.

The Joy-Pi is also very suitable for school projects, as you can simply switch it off and close it at the end of the lesson and then continue working on the project in the next hour. Another advantage of the case is its great mobility and compactness. This allows you to take it with you wherever you go and explore the Raspberry Pi universe with friends.

The Joy-Pi has a large number of sensors and modules that can be operated independently of one's previous knowledge thanks to the very detailed application examples. The Joy-Pi is immediately ready for use when the power supply is connected.

With the 7-inch touch display integrated in the lid, the Raspberry Pi can be operated and the evaluations of the integrated sensors can be displayed directly. The implemented breadboard allows the connection and use of additional external sensors and modules or self-constructed circuits.

Product update:

A micro-HDMI adapter is now included with our JoyPI Experimental and Education Case. With the help of the enclosed manual you can convert the JoyPI for the new Raspberry PI 4B ( all 3 versions ). If you have already purchased a JoyPI case and want to use the new Raspberry PI 4B, please contact us via e-mail, phone or contact form.


Compatible with

Raspberry PI 3B, 3B+, 4B


7" Touchscreen Display, Resolution: 1024x600


2MP Camera

Special Functions

Completely equipped set, already integrated in a case

Included Lessons

21, suitable for beginners and advanced


Mini Keyboard & USB receiver, power supply, GPIO cable, infrared sensor, microSD card (32GB), servo motor, stepper motor & accessories, RFID chip, RFID card, USB cable, remote control, micro-HDMI adapter for RPI 4B


Light sensor, Sound sensor, Motion sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Tilt sensor, Infrared sensor, Touch sensor, DH11 Temperature & humidity sensor, RFID module, Tilt sensor


7“ Touchscreen LCD Display, 8x8 LED Matrix, 16x2 LED Module, 4-digit Segment Display


Programmable 4x4 button matrix, 4 independent buttons, 16 switches


Servo control, servo motor, stepper motor

Other Modules

GPIO LED Indicator, Breadboard, Vibration Unit, Buzzer, Relay, 2MP Camera

Additional information





Items shipped

JoyPi case, BT keyboard, microSD card (32GB), Power supply, card reader, RFID card & clip, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor, IR Remote Control, GPIO Cable, special micro-HDMI adapter for RPI 4B



Article No.


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