NEMA23 Stepper motor

Our NEMA 23 series are high torque stepper motors.

This stepper motor with high performance can be optimally used for tasks in the areas of Automation, CNC (f. e. milling machines, etc.), or robotics.

This motor stands out with its high holding torque of 1.32 Nm.


Shaft dimensions

Ø 6.35 x 20 mm (5.85 mm flat spot)


4 cables

Holding torque

1.32 Nm

Rated voltage

6.5 V

Rated current

1 A

Step angle

1.8 ° ±5 %

Number of Phases


Phase resistance

6.5 Ω

Phase inductivity

20 mH

Isolation resistance

Min. 100 MΩ @500 V DC

Isolation class

B (130°C)

Rotational inertia

460 g·cm²

Detent torque

0.07 Nm

Permitted operating temperature

-10 to 50 °C

Additional information


56 x 56 x 76 mm


1000 g

Items shipped

NEMA 23 stepper motor, connection cable



Article No.


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